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Games Workshop Warhammer 40k - Codex V.9 Necron (En)

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Dark Imperium • Know No Fear • Forgebane • Tooth and Claw • First Strike • Wake the Dead • Shadowspear • Wrath and Rapture • Blood of the Phoenix • Prophecy of the Wolf Few Necrons are so terrible and ruthless as Imotekh the Stormlord. Awoken into a galaxy littered with the ruins of his people’s fallen empire, Imotekh had no time for the petty squabbles of his noble superiors, and ruthlessly snatched the throne of the Sautekh Dynasty for himself.

Codex_necrons.pdf [14307ergev4j] - Documents and E-books Codex_necrons.pdf [14307ergev4j] - Documents and E-books

I like this guy a lot, but my Necron army never got past the stage of being “fledgling” and was mostly painted two years ago, and I think now i would do them differently. The body is just Army Painter silver spray washed Nuln Oil, the carapace is Naggaroth Night then Xereus Purple highlighted with Genestealer Pink, and the green is Warpstone Glow -> Moot Green. The gold is just Retributor Gold washed Seraphim Sepia, and the brassy bits are Runelord Brass which I think was also washed Sepia.These are Stratagems that you use before a battle begins. Ever wanted to upgrade your Overlord to be the adjutant of their dynasty’s supreme ruler?

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TheChirurgeon: Pariahs were humans with the pariah gene (psychic nulls) who had been captured by the Necrons and converted into cybernetic warriors. Plastic Warriors ( Mike: complete with green clear rods… a first for Games Workshop (if you don’t count Eldar vehicle canopies) Dynastic Codes: special rules for each of the following dynasties: Sautekh, Mephrit, Novokh, Nihilakh, and Nephrekh

Circumstances of Awakening

Once the models are ready to be painted, the first step is to work out what’s getting a metallic treatment, and which parts of the model are “Canoptek stuff” and get the green stone treatment. Here there are distinct design differences to the last segment of the legs that fit the latter, so that’s where I decided to make the split. My recipe for energy weapons is also a modified version of the same. Millennia later, in the late 41st millennium (or early 42nd, depending who you agree with) the has returned (though no-one knows precisely why). Chief amongst assumptions is that he witnessed the true vastness of the Tyranid fleets, floating dormant towards the galactic core, and returned to save his civilization from being devoured.

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Skorpekh Destroyers. Credit: Wings Skorpekh Destroyers. Credit: Wings Skorpekh Destroyers. Credit: Wings Skorpekh Destroyers. Credit: Wings Skorpekh Destroyers. Credit: Wings Illuminor Szeras is the Necron master of all things biotransference: a mad doctor, if you will, obsessed with tinkering with living metal, he takes inspiration from othering life forms (by studying them as he atomizes them) to improve the necrodermis of the dynastic forces. Infantry and Vehicles alike have the Reanimation Protocols rule, as evidenced by the newly revealedtheMonolithdatasheet.It’scrucial for opponents to never leave a Necron unit halfkilled.

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Just in case all of the others weren’t quite strategic enough, there are the Strategic Ploy Stratagems. Fans of Canoptek Scarab Swarms (and frankly, who doesn’t love the little critters?) will be itching to use the Self-destruction Stratagem. Play this when your Reanimation Protocols haven’t been as successful as you would have liked. Just when your opponent thinks they have an advantage, your dead Necrons return to the fray. Requisition Stratagems Anrakyr The Traveller is considered perhaps the mightiest of all Necrons by some, and a brigand by others. Awoken in fine health (for a Necron), Anrakyr tasked himself with unifying the remaining Necron forces. Travelling from one tomb world to another, he wakes Necrons from their stasis, demanding a tithe of warriors before he moves on. This makes him a little contentious.

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